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Photo by Tyanna Fowler

Welcome to Raising Chefs Dot Com!  My name is Latrice Fowler, Editor of this here family-food blog.  Raising Chefs is all about getting kids into the kitchen at an early age.  Teaching them the importance of making healthy food choices while they’re young so those choices can be carried with them into their adult years.  As adults we all struggle with what’s good for us and we tend to stir towards things that aren’t so good or that don’t have any real benefit for our bodies and lives.  Raising Chefs teaches not only young kids these necessary skills but teens, tween and adults as well.

Photo by Dave McKeen

We’re also very serious and stress the importance of bringing back family bonding.  Cooking with your kids opens up the lines of communication more than you will ever know, until you give it a try.  We are often times too busy for nothing more than a very quick meal if we can remember to eat, which you know isn’t good, right?  Those bad habits alone is allowing our kids to continue the same bad habits as they enter their adult years, hints, not breaking the cycle.  Don’t make it a generational chain that continues and continues.  Stop and make time for one another because life is way too short not to!

Photo by Dave McKeen

I’ve been cooking with my own kids since they were as young as 2 years old and our relationship is very close and because I’ve made myself available whenever they need me its benefited each of us.  I once saw a video of Michael Jackson who said with his own mouth that “no one eats at the dinner table anymore”.  Yes, the king of pop was concerned about this very thing and we’re so honored that we’re spreading the message of how important eating together is and we’re sure he would be proud!


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