Black Friday 4 Food

Announcements | November 20, 2012 | By

Ok, I’m not complaining…well maybe I am.  I would camp out in front of Walmart or Target if there were deals on “buy 1 get 5 free T-bone steaks or something.  How come there are no “Black Friday” deals on food?  Maybe I’m missing something here.  I wouldn’t mind knocking a little old lady down for a deal on 2 for 1 thick cut bacon or a 10 lb. bag of sugar for $2…come on…that would be Christmas to me.  What about door buster deals on a 24 pack of double 4-ply toilet paper…now that would be worth getting up at o-dark-thirty and stand in a line for hours freezing your a-word off.  Don’t get me started on what I’d do for shredded cheese and an assortment of deli meat!  If yall know something I don’t, please let a girl know…I’m just saying!


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