Happy Halloween

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The Fowler girls…me included thinks this year by far is the best Halloween ever.  We’ve always either threw together a Halloween costume at the last minute because we probably didn’t have the money to go out and buy what we really wanted.  This year instead of dreading the thought of having no ends to get exactly what they wanted we looked to YouTube and Pinterest for some DIY ideas.  All in all it only costs us $2 bucks for both looks.  GENIUS!!!

Miss Ty already had the jump-suite courtesy of your older cousin (19) who’s the same size as my 11 year old…a little black and white makeup stick for the $2 bucks and a YouTube video with the step-by-step instructions for this look.  People did ask her what she was suppose to be…What would you call it?

Then we have Miss Raven…or better yet…BatGirl!  She already had the cape which she won at Six Flags, the black tank-top, black skirt and her black boots she got for Christmas last year.  We reused the $2 black makeup stick and followed yet another YouTube video for the makeup instructions…so there you have it…Dunnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn…Bat Girl! lol

P.S. Raven did Ty’s makeup and yours-truly did Raven’s makeup…and if I do say so myself…we follow directions very well…wouldn’t you agree?


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