What Was Popeye Thinking?

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pinach!  Yes, the green stuff.  You mean to tell me all this time this stuff is not only a super food that’s great for you but it actually tastes amazing.  “Popeye, what in the hell were you thinking, misleading children all around the world like that?”  I mean come on, you made the canned version look so yummy not to mention getting us all hyped up thinking we would be able to flex our muscles and retaliate against those kids at school who tripped us on the play ground.  You completely deceived us.  That ish in the can is all kinds of nasty to say the least and is the very reason I’ve hated eating spinach since my youth.

However, I’ve just recently had a change of heart with the fresh stuff.  For years I just figured it all tasted like the canned stuff and was completely fine with not ever eating it anymore.  Boy am I glad I gave it a try again.  Y-U-M-M-O!  I can’t stop eating it which is pretty funny to me.  The kids are loving it too which is not surprising if you know my kids…they eat just about anything…well, except squash and I really can’t blame em’ because I hate that stuff too. (…and I have no desire what-so-ever to eat that stuff… E-V-E-R!)

As for our new quest for fresh spinach, we’ve made some many new things and can’t get enough.

Black Bean and Spinach Fried Taco


  1. Carol King
    January 27, 2013

    Now your talking my language. I absolutely luuuuv spinach, and its not just that it tastes great and is so good for the body, but it is by far the most versatile vegetable. You can throw a hand full of spinach in just about any dish.

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